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Travel agents can access guaranteed commission and discounted rates at a growing number of car rental providers while booking in the GDS.

THOR, Inc., a world leading travel services company, has announced the enhancement of its Car Program, in which its member travel advisors can book discounted and commissionable rates through their preferred GDS. THOR has worked with renewed focus to grow its Car Program with an increasing  number of providers offering discounted and commissionable rates in over 1,700 cities in nearly 100 countries across the globe. Avis, Budget, Economy, Routes, ACO and AVR provide special rates to THOR member travel advisors when booking rental cars worldwide. In addition, Dav El BostonCoach and Carey International provide special rates on chauffeured car services. These recent additions are just the beginning of a strong pipeline of additional rental car providers to be added to the THOR Car Program throughout 2022 and  beyond.

The THOR Car Program offers travel agent members a convenient way to book discounted and commissionable rates through their preferred GDS or over the phone using their affiliation with THOR. In addition to discounts and commission, travel agent members also receive personalized service and dedicated reservation lines when arranging car service, which serves THOR’s commitment to helping its travel agent members be as effective and efficient as possible.

Car Program Benefits

  • Guaranteed Commission
  • Access to Receive Email/Print Promotions, Contests and Specials
  • Access to Supplier Education & Webinars
  • Access to Exclusive Supplier Networking Events

“As we grow our supplier partnerships in 2022 our focus is on strategic relationships that benefit all members of the consortia,” said Julia Mighall, Senior Director Hotel & Car, THOR. “We are thrilled to welcome these established providers to the THOR  network of suppliers with offers that benefit our member travel agencies and their customers.”

To learn more about the THOR Car Program and the services available to THOR  travel agency members, visit If you are not yet a THOR member travel advisor, please visit to get started