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The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has proposed new rules requiring airlines to disclose any fees in addition to fares for baggage, ticket changes or seating family members together anytime an airfare is displayed.

President Joe Biden, announcing the new rules at a meeting of the White House Competition Council, said,  “You should know the full cost of your ticket right when you’re comparison shopping, to begin with where you’re – what airline you’re going to fly with so you can pick the ticket that actually is the best deal for you.”

Airlines for America, a trade group representing major US air carriers has stated its objections to the new rules, indicating the airline industry is one of the most highly competitive.

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After unrelenting pressure from travel industry organizations and trade groups, the Biden administration on Friday decided to lift the inbound testing mandate that has been in place since January 2021. Read the rest of this entry »

Federal judge strikes down CDC mask mandate

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The Biden administration’s mask mandate was struck down by a federal judge in Florida yesterday in a 59 page ruling.

As a result, the requirement to wear a mask for airplanes and other public transportation can not be enforced and the order is no longer in effect.

Only last week, the CDC had extended the mask mandate to May 2.

US District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle ruled the mandate unlawful and exceeded the regulatory authority of the CDC and violated administrative law. It is not known if the Justice Department will request an order abating the ruling and filing an appeal.

The developments created some confusion, but several airlines almost immediately announced wearing a mask was optional. Amtrak rescinded its mask requirement. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) indicated it would no longer enforce the mask requirement. “The agencies are reviewing the decision and assessing potential next steps,” an administration official said. “In the meantime, today’s court decision means CDC’s public transportation masking order is not in effect at this time. Therefore, TSA will not enforce its Security Directives and Emergency Amendment requiring mask use on public transportation and transportation hubs at this time.”