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Teamwork – A Community of Travel Agents

Not all teamwork happens in an office. Many travel agents work in environments that have been pared down to a small percentage of the original size. Even more agents work alone, out of a home office. There is often no one to turn to when advice is needed, for backup or in an emergency. However, the passion for travel that motivates travel agents is all the energy required to form quick and fast friendships across town or across country. Peer-to-peer relationships are important for the vitality and professionalism of travel agents, and there are many ways for a travel professional to seek out like-minded colleagues. Read the rest of this entry »

On Your Own?

ASTA some time ago developed the terrific grassroots campaign “Without a travel agent you are on your own.” But what is the sound of one travel agent clapping? More and more travel professionals find themselves in positions where they are being asked to do more with less. Offices are being trimmed down in terms of staffing, or agents are moving home, losing the support and companionship of co-workers Read the rest of this entry »