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Sizing Up Your Competition

Here’s the bad news: you have more competition than you think.  Here’s the good news – you  can effectively compete. In fact, competition keeps us sharp and aware of the environment in which we operate.  Keep in mind that carrying the proper attitude about your competition is important.  Properly trained, your clients will adopt many aspects of your own attitude about travel and other distribution channels.  If your attitude is positive and healthy, chance are your clients’ will be as well.

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How well do you know your competition? This week we have discussed the need to properly position your travel agency in the market, largely by defining the characteristics that set it apart. Each travel agency should seek to find some unique selling point that will convince clients to do business with them over all others. However, without some subtle market research you face the possibility of not knowing how to position your agency versus your competition. If your travel agency and the one down the street are both stressing your expertise in Costa Rica as your unique selling point, or if you both offer “excellent customer service” then your selling points are not unique! Read the rest of this entry »

Understanding Your Clients and Competition

This week we have been reviewing key elements of your business to ensure that we are tuned up for the rest of the year. Now, let’s make sure that we are aware of two key market concerns: competition and customer satisfaction. These two areas will influence the direction your strategies take as you design and later implement your objectives. Your goals may be influenced by each. Understanding each of these market factors will help you to better prepare for the upcoming year. Read the rest of this entry »