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Birthing New Ideas

I spend many of my columns speaking to the importance of positioning and differentiation – setting your travel practice apart from the crowd. From the emails and comments I received, however, it’s clear that it’s not always easy to really BE different.  Where do the ideas arise that will energize your travel practice in such a way that travelers will choose you over another agency or booking on their own?

The most important thing is to lead with your personality. You are the one thing that is truly unique about your travel practice.  You are the one thing not duplicated online, in your office, or at another agency. You are the human element with which people want to engage. Learn to infuse your creative thinking with your own personality. Read the rest of this entry »

Fire Yourself!

I have been fired. Have you? If so, you know that beyond the immediate shock and pain comes a certain amount of relief. You get to start over. In a new environment you can start over, put on your best face and work at a new level of competence and energy. Have you ever fired anyone? It’s not easy. Firing a person does damage.  But typically,  firing an employee causes everyone to re-evaluate their position, the levels of performance required and the need to demand the best of every employee and position. Read the rest of this entry »

Clients are a great source of new ideas. Their travel ambitions are the stuff of which your practice is made. Their hobbies, interests and pursuits are fertile ground for ideas for marketing to other clients. Some of your clients will be quicker to pick up on cultural trends and leading edge destinations than others. But if you plot your best clients over a period of time, you will likely see trends and activities that will merit your attention.

In order to properly mine your clients’ ideas, you have to engage them at the level of conversation designed to gather feedback. Client surveys that range from topics as far reaching as travel dreams and aspirations to more particular questions about frustrations with travel planning and booking are important. Surveys can be taken in written Read the rest of this entry »