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Help Your Clients Know Themselves

The single most important thing that you can do for your client relationships is to make your clients feel special. Most of the service suppliers that your clients come into contact with every day do nothing to make them seem special – it is business as usual. That is why the exceptional service provider gets noticed. Think of the way in which certain exclusive hotel chains have built stories around themselves by doing no more than communicating the name of its guest to all of its personnel and then making sure the bellmen, the maids, and the service staff all address the client by name. Read the rest of this entry »

Is A CRM Right For You? Yes!

Are you using a CRM? Do you know what a CRM is? Most of us do, but for those that are frantically searching the acronym database, it stands for Customer Relationship Manager. And it is one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal.

Let’s look at the words. Customer—we need them to survive, No customer, no business. Relationship—this is what we are striving to create so we have loyal customers. Manager—like any relationship, we must manage it properly or we divorce.

A CRM system keeps your leads, contacts, and clients controlled and arranged for easy Read the rest of this entry »

Constant Contact

Clients have short memories.  Unless you find a way to stay “top of mind”,  clients can easily be distracted by the first pretty travel opportunity that walks their way.  With every newspaper travel section, television commercials and consumer magazines filled with travel advertising, your clients will see lots of different avenues to fulfill their travel desires. You want them to think of you when they think of travel, but until you have them properly trained, it is easy for them to be distracted elsewhere.

As simple as it may sound, many travel consultants simply fail to ask for the privilege of communicating with potential clients, and even their own clients, on an on-going basis. People love to talk about travel – where they have been and where they want to someday go. Those conversations are terrific opportunities to say “I run across great travel opportunities to [pick your destination] all the time. Would you like for me to send them your way so you can browse them?” Asking for permission to communicate with clients is an important step in gaining the trust Read the rest of this entry »