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Royal Caribbean on Monday announced a new “Flex-Pay” program allowing the passenger to pay in installments. Because travel is typically a larger than average purchase, a number of installment payment programs have cropped up in the industry, such as Uplift.  

In addition, cruise lines have always allowed for an initial deposit, interim payments, and a “final payment.”

Now, however, Royal Caribbean has developed a program, in conjunction with its Espresso booking system, without interest charges and only if the passenger is booking through a travel agent. This apparently means passengers booking directly with the cruise line cannot use the program. Flex-Pay allows the scheduling of up to 10 automatic payments and the payments can be on different credit cards. The Flex-Pay system is available to travel agents using the Espresso program through Royal Caribbean immediately.

The release of this information derived from the “Royal Caribbean Blog” which bills itself as an “unofficial fan blog written for other fans of Royal Caribbean International” but which disclaims affiliation with Royal Caribbean International.

Updated April 12, 2022 at 7:42 am