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Setting up a lead generation program in 5 Days: Day 2

We generate leads through various channels of distribution. If you hand out your business cards on a regular basis at business functions, that is a channel of distribution. If you get leads through your website, then it is also a channel of distribution. If you have a well developed referral program, there is a channel of distribution. Today’s effort in setting up a lead generation program, then, is examining your channels of distribution.

Typically, some channels of distribution are better developed than others. For example the company’s website may be very polished, easy to navigate and collects many leads for the company, while the company’s referral program from existing clients may be sporadic and producing leads on an irregular basis. It is important to periodically examine each of your channels of distribution and ensure each is a sharp as possible and represents your company well. The idea is to not be dependent on any one channel but to have only so many channels as you can reasonably manage and maintain well.  Read the rest of this entry »

Distribution Channel Cross Check

A distribution channel is the the way in which a strategy is implemented through a chain of tactics allowing you gain access to clients. If you have a web site, that is a distribution channel, as are the tradeshows you attend to sell your services; your face to face meeting with a client is another distribution channel. If you have a group leader program, that is a distribution channel, and if you cross-market with a local day spa or clothing store, that is a distribution channel as well.

It is important to recognize distribution channels and the role they play in generating business. Once you understand conceptually what a distribution channel is, decide whether you want to increase the number of channels with which you operate. You want to have more than one or two distribution channels. Some work better than others given the season, economic conditions Read the rest of this entry »

Filling the Pipeline

A key objective of marketing your travel planning practice is assuring a flow of new clients through the door. Retention of your existing clients is absolutely necessary and challenging in and of itself, but the acquisition of new clients provides for growth. If you are not taking measures to acquire new clients, attrition of your existing base will mean your business will decline over time.

Remember our discussion of the sales funnel?  Typically, only a small percentage of your leads pan out into actual travel planning opportunities.  In order to maintain the volume you need for a healthy business, your marketing activities must be robust and continual.  Read the rest of this entry »

Tactics: Choosing Distribution Channels

You have at your disposal a variety of ways in which to reach out and touch your clients and potential clients.  Let’s drill down on this topic by looking at the concept of distribution channels. Consumers of your service will see your ads in print and on the web. They might hear of you through a referral or see you give a talk at the local chamber of commerce. They might read an article about you or even by you in the community newspaper. Each of these avenues where a client might encounter your services are rivulets off of a distribution channel, a conduit to consumers that you use for marketing your services as a travel consultant. Read the rest of this entry »