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Consider Your Email Address;;

Your email address is an important promotional tool. It is a vital component of your branding. This is true even if you are an employee in a 40 person agency. You are a brand.

The email addresses above do not mean business – they signify free, consumer oriented services. Often, the emails that come from these accounts carry superfluous advertising – the price of the “free” account. Addresses like these say that you are either new to the digital world or that this is not a professional business message.

Register your own business domain. No doubt, good, creative domain names are getting harder to find. Using your own name as a domain is a popular way of quickly finding an available domain to use: an example would be “

Each time a client or a potential client sees your professional address, your brand is reinforced. You want your clients to view you as a professional. Your email address is a part of your professional tool set. Don’t let a poorly chosen email address dull that image.