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The Most Common Sales Mistakes Travel Agents Make

Are you going to make mistakes in your travel practice? Absolutely! As my father used to say, if you aren’t falling down on occasion, then you aren’t trying hard enough. That said, however, everyone’s goal should be to minimize the problems likely to be encountered in building up the marketing and sales programs for your travel agency. With that in mind, this week we are going to talk about the most common mistakes travel agents make in five very important areas: Sales, Marketing, Branding, Public Relations, and Social Media. We start off the week discussing the most common sales mistakes travel agents make. Read the rest of this entry »

I saved the best myth for last.  I say it’s the best because once you are freed of its power, you will increase your earning power substantially.  Get this one right, because it’s devilishly tough to make it as a travel consultant without being able to move past this myth.

Myth #5 – Clients Won’t Pay a Planning Fee

Actually, what many agents will tell you is that their clients won’t pay a “plan to go” fee. These agents know that other travel planners collect an up-front fee, but remain convinced that for some reason their clients are different and will refuse Read the rest of this entry »

The following is Part Seven of the series “The 7 Characteristics of Top Travel Agents

Great travel agents charge research fees. As one very bright agent told me recently, “I’m not auditioning to be anyone’s travel agent.” Call it a deposit if you like. Apply it to the client’s travel if you want. Perhaps only charge new clients a fee. But charge a fee up front.

No client who has a $100 service fee with you is going to take your research and book elsewhere. Charging a fee places you in the same professional ranks Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Audition

I had the great good fortune to spend a few days at THETRADESHOW in Orlando with Laura Frazier of Bliss Honeymoons. We were speaking about the practice of charging a research fee. In a study we are doing at TRO on the characteristics of top travel agents, the practice of charging research fee ranks high as a common characteristic.

Laura indicates that she always charges a fee of $100 with Read the rest of this entry »