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Five days to a great follow up program: Day 5

For reasons escaping me, follow up is one of the least favorite exercises of many sales people and those in travel are no different. I suspect the problem to largely be one of numbers: out a 100 leads, only a relatively small number convert and nobody likes rejection! The challenge, then, is to learn to convert more leads! However, as we have discussed this week, follow up also extends to more than the sales process and across your travel company the process deserves your attention. Here are a few final tips to improving your follow up: Read the rest of this entry »

Five days to a great follow up program: Day 4

It’s tempting to think of follow up as a reactive discipline. Keyed off a series of events, we often view follow up as the next step to keep everything moving forward.  Many organizations have a “follow up” procedure. In most cases, this approach is acceptable and works well.  However, a reactive approach is also mechanistic and keeps the company’s processes at the center of the follow up effort rather than the client’s needs. Listening to the individual client and working to achieve a relationship with the client is what will keep your follow up efforts in top shape. Read the rest of this entry »

Five days to a great follow up program: Day 3

If we are agreed on the importance of follow up to a successful marketing program, we next focus on the content of your efforts. Follow up should always be a matter of focused, but relaxed, intent. Haphazard attempts at client contact have no place in a well-structured marketing campaign.

Any follow up should be firstly client-centric and directed at enhancing the relationship with the client.  Attempt to understand the common ground you have with the client on both personal and business levels. Just like you, your contact has a set of business priorities and goals. To the extent your offerings can authentically assist your counterpart to reach those goals, you have a broad field of common ground. Read the rest of this entry »

Five days to a great follow up program: Day 2

Follow up is an important and often overlooked  part of the entire sales cycle.  The key to understanding the crucial nature of follow up is the realization marketing is not a linear process but rather circular.  We often think of sales as beginning with an introduction and ending with a sale.  That segment of the process, however, is only the transactional portion of an endless cycle of consultive client-centric sales, follow up and repeat business.

Simply put, follow up drives repeat business. Read the rest of this entry »

Five days to a great follow up program: Day 1

No matter how good your marketing program, without a solid follow up to every activity you risk losing repeat business.  Follow up locks in the beneficial impact of your efforts.  Without follow up, at best you have a satisfied client vulnerable to the next pretty travel opportunity walking their way.  Follow up is the key to building a relationship with your clients, a way of establishing your claim to their loyalty.

Sounds like we are about to spend the next five days looking at the principles of good follow up. Read the rest of this entry »