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A week of important observations: 1 and 2

An unfortunate temptation in marketing your travel business is to scurry from one tactic to the next looking for the next magic “trick” that will make clients come streaming through the door. The lure of the newest, the latest and great marketing gimmick is strong, but often comes at the expense of fundamentals.  Thus, you sometimes see new travel agents that have not yet mastered the art of networking in their local communities leaping onto Facebook or Twitter to market their new travel business because they heard that some other agent, somewhere, managed to wring a sale out of the online world.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am all for creative niche marketing and I, too, am eager to learn of new media techniques for marketing. However, I am equally convinced that in the eagerness to quickly build business, too many agents dart from one “technique” to the next rather than honing tried and true fundamentals. Read the rest of this entry »