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Goway 2.0: Re-Engineering for the Post-COVID World

Bruce Hodge, an Australian who met his South African wife in Europe, settled in Canada, and started a global tour operation in 1970, was not about to sit around twiddling his thumbs when the COVID lockdown paralyzed the travel industry. For Bruce, it was a chance to launch Goway 2.0.

“Goway 2.0 was Bruce’s vision of re-engineering the business from top to bottom,” said Craig Canvin, Goway’s senior vice president, in a conversation last week.

“Bruce’s plans for growth of the company are exceptional,” said Canvin. “It’s hard to keep up with them.”

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Goway Launches Qatar Travel Product Line

Aerial view of the Pearl-Qatar island

Tour operator Goway is expanding its Middle East travel options with the launch of travel products in Qatar. Goway has long been a supporter of Qatar Airways and is excited to extend its offerings to include vacation packages throughout Qatar, one of the world’s emerging destinations.

Goway is ready to help travelers explore this oasis on the gulf with a range of travel products, including city tours of the rapidly-growing capital, Doha, which combines historic charm with man-made islands and towering skyscrapers that befit a rising star of the 21st century. Travelers can go dune bashing through the desert and visit the inland sea of Khar al Adaid, or relax along the country’s pristine beaches, including at the resorts and waterparks of Abu Samra. Qatar is also an ideal stopover option, which takes advantage of the many air routes of Qatar Airways, one of the world’s leading luxury airlines. Travelers can stop over for a few nights in Qatar en route to vacations in the Maldives, South Africa, Kenya, and Egypt, among other leading destinations.

It’s the perfect time to launch travel ideas to Qatar as the Arabian nation prepares for its time in the spotlight during the 2022 FIFA World Cup this fall. Both the Canadian and American national teams have qualified, making Qatar even more attractive to North American travelers this fall.

“Travel to the Middle East has been a strength for Goway over the past few years, including during the pandemic,” says Moira Smith, VP of Africa & Asia at Goway. “Thus, it’s only natural that we add Qatar to our portfolio of Middle East travel products. It’s a destination that offers cultural highlights in addition to some remarkable natural landscapes. It’s also hosting the World Cup this fall, which adds to the appeal. Add in the fact that travelers can see Qatar on a stopover to other fabulous destinations around the world with Qatar Airways and you’ve got all the makings of a new classic travel experience with Goway.”

Since 1970, Goway has been providing unforgettable travel experiences to Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Idyllic Island destinations, Central & South America and Europe. Today Goway is recognized as one of North America’s leading travel companies for individuals, families, and groups to select exotic destinations around the globe. Goway has offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Manila, and Sydney, Australia.

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