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kwilmoreKevin Wilmore is the Vice President/General Manager of Blue Sky Tours, a leader in tourism to the Hawaiian islands. Before holding his current position, Mr. Wilmore was the Director of Analysis and Planning at Blue Sky Tours. Before joining Blue Sky Tours, he held the position of Director of Destination Experience at The Mark Travel Corporation.

TRO: As a company that specializes only in Hawaiian packages, has Blue Sky Tours been affected by the recent natural disasters caused by the earthquakes in Japan?

KW: The Big Island of Hawaii was the most affected, and it was minimal damage along the Kona coast with a few properties taking on water due to the tsunami wave surge. They are handling everything very well and repair efforts continue around the clock. Blue Sky Tours helped relocate our passengers with minimal effort. Everyone was very well taken care of and the people were grateful that the island had very little damage.

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Hawaii on a Budget

Here’s a great secret – you don’t have to spend a fortune to spend time in Hawaii.  Don’t get me wrong – if you want to stay at first class properties, fly in the front of the plane and eat at some of the world’s finest restaurants, Hawaii will certainly afford you the opportunity.  However, it is also possible to visit Hawaii, see the sites, eat well and experience the Islands up close and personal without breaking the bank.

Airfares are a real trick, but here’s the trick – don’t buy a published fare!  Any good travel agent Read the rest of this entry »

Active Hawai’i

For the active traveler, no location beats Hawaii for the amazing variety of outdoor activities. Let’s start with the easiest – relax! While there are dozens of activities, and a thousand places to involve yourself in those activities on the Islands, know first and foremost that its OK to do absolutely nothing at all. Hawaii’s beaches are world-class, its restaurants unbeatable and the Polynesian culture invites one to let go of all of the mainland tension and relax. No better place on the planet to do so. Read the rest of this entry »

Aloha Families!

There may be no more diverse destination on the planet than Hawaii.  Not only is the terrain amazingly varied – deserts, beaches and lush rainforests, mountains and oceans, deep valleys and soaring volcanoes – but the climates there range from sub-arctic to tropical.  The available activities are almost without end. The culture is a mix of Polynesian, Asian, European and American.  But perhaps the most varied aspect of the Islands is the way that this tremendous confluence appeals to so many different types of people – young, old, active and beach lovers, there is something for everyone in Hawaii.  And all of this means one thing above all others – Hawaii is the world’s greatest family destination. Read the rest of this entry »

Lanai: Your Private, Tranquil Hawaii

This is an island with no traffic lights, no shopping malls and plenty of peace and quiet. Lanai is the smallest and perhaps least known of the Hawaiian islands, “Hawaii’s Most Enticing Island.” From 1922 to 1992, the island was given over to the cultivation of pineapples, owned by the parent corporation of the Dole Pineapple company. Now, however, Lanai is gently easing into tourism Read the rest of this entry »

Rediscovering Oahu

To see and really know the Islands of Hawaii takes a minimum of six trips, one for each island. I for one would be willing to make that kind of commitment. But each island in Hawaii is a world of its own, and each deserves a leisurely pace, an opportunity to get to know it up close and personal. Far too many visitors to the islands make the mistake of trying to see and do every island in a week, bouncing around Read the rest of this entry »

If you are like most who have never been to Hawaii, the state’s islands blend into a mass of unpronounceable vowels and indistinct images of a tropical paradise. The geography of the islands is not difficult, however, and all it takes is one trip to make visitors long to become experts. Read the rest of this entry »

Hawai’i Honeymoon Planning – First Steps

Hawaii remains the number one destination for honeymoons year after year because of its romantic sunsets, magnificent beaches, and luxurious hotels. Visitors to Hawaii can also conveniently hop from island to island to experience just about any climate and adventure under the sun, including kayaking, mountain climbing, surfing, scuba, and even hiking in a rainforest. Read the rest of this entry »