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Outstanding Destinations — is it over?

Where did the time go? It seems I just started writing my diaries yesterday and now it is over!  I have to say that it’s been a great experience writing the diaries this past year. I have learned a lot about the industry, my own business, your business and a lot about myself. Read the rest of this entry »

Outstanding Destinations — It’s not a vacation

Sometimes it is frustrating that people do not understand that our work involves traveling and working; not traveling and vacationing. It happens all the time; and for me, just last month.

I went to the Feria De Turismo Cultural Mexico (Cultural Tourism Fair in Mexico) in October. It was a last minute decision, but I was so glad I got the opportunity to attend.  It was my first visit to San Miguel and it was fantastic! Read the rest of this entry »

Wow! September already! Where has the time gone?

With business not as bustling as normal, I decided to spend some quality down time in Jamaica where I have a house. I never tire of it and it is truly a paradise. Roaring rivers, mountains, beautiful gardens, 100+ year-old churches, lighthouses and hidden caves to explore, old canons from an era long past; while many feel it is all sun and fun, I think it is much more. It is such a rich and diverse culture. Read the rest of this entry »

Outstanding Destinations — FAM trouble

I have been talking with some new agents who were upset because they were declined for a FAM trip because of their lack of experience in the industry. There were a few who were upset that they couldn’t even have access to FAM trips because they were not affiliated with a host agency.

Why is it so hard for new agents and agents without a host to be able to go on these FAM trips? Most of them are taking specialist courses, but are you really a specialist without ever experiencing the product? Read the rest of this entry »

I know we have some true experts in the destination wedding and honeymoon markets, and I have been trying; but I still have some questions.

Bridal Shows–hit or miss?

On one hand, I have heard that doing bridal shows is simply not worth it. The reasoning is that most of these brides only go to the shows for the freebies. I can believe that, after my last show in March. I kept hearing “what are you giving away for free?” or “what raffles do you have?” And to a degree, I expected that from the brides Read the rest of this entry »

 Hi everyone! I am Jenna Kameka with Outstanding Destinations from Florida. This is a very exciting, and at the same time, nerve racking opportunity for me.

I have been doing weddings and planning vacations for years (without pay) for families and friends, so I decided it was time to get paid for it. I registered my business with the State and started to watch webinars; attended trade shows and bridal shows; did specialist courses, spoke with numerous professionals already in the business for years, and most importantly FAMS. I think I learned the most from the FAM trips. I was able to not only see what the resorts look like but also how the staffs interact with the guests. Read the rest of this entry »