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Go Away – planning my getaway and my bon voyage from TRO

It’s that time of year again. Old Man Winter has started to show signs of his arrival, and Wave Season is just around the corner.

Undoubtedly, as soon as the first big snowfall hits, there will be people calling our office in a panic, desperate to turn their minds to something other than shoveling, snow-blowing, and trying in vain to keep the salt on the roads from eating through the paint on their car. They’ll be looking for something warm… something that doesn’t require three layers of clothing.  Read the rest of this entry »

Go Away — now is the time to paint my picture

It’s that time of year again. While other people are decorating their homes with decorative gourds and trying to cram pumpkin spice into every conceivable foodstuff, I’m doing early brainstorming for Wave Season.

I mean, it’s not that pumpkin spice is necessarily a bad thing, but I’d rather spend my time trying to hone my storytelling skills and my ability to paint vivid pictures with words. I know an awful lot of people in the Upper Midwest area of the country, and they’re going to start seeing snow any day now. Read the rest of this entry »

Go Away – a travel agent is really never off duty

It’s funny to me that whenever I mention to somebody that I own a home-based business, they frequently remark, “Wow, that must be nice! Setting your own hours…” They give me such incredulous looks when I tell them that the reality is much less glamorous. In fact, I am never really off-duty. Read the rest of this entry »

Go Away – here come the card mills again!

Card mills are cyclical. They come and they go. High season always seems to bring them out of the woodwork. The bargain-hunters. The something-for-nothing crowd. And the card mills that love them.

My colleagues and I have been seeing one “agency” in particular, and have been delighting in taking apart their online ads. While it looks gorgeous from the outside – free travel, piles of money for practically zero effort – pretty much every legitimate travel agent sees these ads and rolls their eyes at the inaccuracy. Read the rest of this entry »

Go Away! — Norwegian relief

Last year, in an attempt to diversify their offerings and dominate more of the market at the same time, Norwegian Cruise Line acquired two more cruise lines. True, their acquisition of Oceania will certainly help them capture more luxury passengers than even their Haven product has been able to do thus far. However, it’s the policy changes on their Norwegian fleet that has captured my attention. Read the rest of this entry »

Lately, a lot of people have been asking me for travel advice. Not much of a surprise, really, what with me being a travel agent and all. My specialty is currently cruises, but I’ve been doing travel for a very long time, so I’ve gathered quite a bit of information outside of my niche. That’s good, because the questions I’ve been getting recently haven’t been cruise-related. Read the rest of this entry »

Go Away! – Under-promise and over-deliver

I was all set to write something about delayed gratification and how it figures largely in what I do as a travel agent as well as in my life these days; but then I realized that what I really want to talk about is the gratification that is promised and never arrives. Not delayed, but nonexistent. It’s all about the expectations that we (and our clients) have—however realistic or unrealistic. Read the rest of this entry »

Go Away! – from corporate to leisure in 6 years

Hello! My name is Crickett. Yes, really. I’m an independent, home-based travel agent, and while I do specialize in cruises, 2015 has me branching out a little bit into other territory as I find suppliers that offer a good product and are willing to work with my tiny little one-woman company.

I didn’t spend my youth saying, “I want to be a travel agent when I grow up.” It’s just something that I sort of fell into. Read the rest of this entry »