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Visitors to Las Vegas in 2021 were younger and spent more than in previous years, and devoted more of their time to gambling according to the Las Vegas Visitor Profile study 2021.

A study conducted by GLS Research for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority indicates some positive trends in an uncertain time for Vegas. The amount visitors spent on gambling jumped to 39% despite monetary difficulties among the general public caused by the pandemic.

At the same time, the amount of time tourists spent on gambling per day has shot up as well. An estimated 21% said they spent an average of 5 to 6 hours, while one quarter (26%) said they gambled an average of three to four hours. Both figures are higher compared to numbers recorded from 2016 to 2019.

However, only 75% of 3,917 visitors said they gambled,  down from 2019’s 81%. The downtrend is likely due to the travel restrictions imposed due to COVID-19, which hampered international travelers, particularly from Asia, where the biggest gamblers are, from traveling to Las Vegas. Per the data, only 3% are from other countries, while 97% of visitors came from the U.S.

Expenditures on other recreational and leisure activities also increased compared to pre-pandemic figures. For food and drink, for example, the average amount people spent was $462.37 compared to 2019 at $410.74. Money spent on shopping and local transport also climbed to $284.55 and $159.73, respectively. 

While all basic expenditures have seen an increase, a notable exception was money spent on shows and entertainment which hit its lowest figure since 2016, with an average of $32.55.

But apart from the positive trends, the report also revealed a few downward surprises, including satisfaction ratings.  70% of respondents said they were “very satisfied”, down from the 96% recorded in 2019. On the other hand, nearly half (48%) said that their experience in Las Vegas met their expectations.

In terms of demographic figures, the study revealed changing trends as well.

  • More than one-half or 54% of visitors are 40 years old and older, with an average visitor age of 43.2. An estimated 21% of the visitors are ages 21 to 29;
  • The number of visitors identifying as caucasian visiting Las Vegas dropped to 56% from 2019’s 77%. The number of African-American and Black visitors rose to 17% from the 9% recorded in 2019, followed by Hispanic/Latino visitors with 19%, up from 11%.
  • One out of four visitors (26%) came from Southern California followed by Arizona with 11%