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A Travel Agent’s number one problem

What is a travel agent’s #1 challenge?  Sure we hear a lot about product training, knowing destinations, learning technology, sales skills, and more.  But the real answer is simple and almost completely universal:  More, good leads.

In fact when pressed, I have yet to have an agent not admit that if they “just had more good, qualified leads interested in buying from me,” everything else would fall into place.

So, what is the answer?  How does an agent really get “more good leads?”  I know there are lots of places to generate new leads, but the fact is the best place to get leads is from your existing database.  Read the rest of this entry »

Talking Pop with Lee Rosen

PictureAs an agency owner, the toughest things for me are to keep my sales staff focused on preferred suppliers, up to speed with the various promotions and to remember to work for the client by offering add-ons to their experience. We operate in an information overload industry.

When I first saw the name Leisure Pops, I thought there was a new brand of cereal on sale at the market. But when I saw that Lee Rosen was behind it, I knew I needed to learn some more. After all, the man is responsible for making me money. I have been a client of TRAMS and ClientBase since 1997 and have never looked back. I know Lee pretty well and while the press release claimed he was retiring, I just couldn’t see him sitting back looking at a gold watch forevermore.  Enter Leisure Pops.

I called Lee and wanted to learn more. What I found was that it is indeed not a cereal, and it is not nearly as intrusive as I had anticipated. But more importantly, I am seeing it as a way to add hard revenue to the bottom line.  Take a few minutes and read my interview with Lee Rosen, President of Leisure Pops. Read the rest of this entry »