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Finding “Destination Next”

The Girl Scouts have been out in force with their cookies this month, and if you haven’t stocked up on Thin-Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs, keep an eye out for them in front of coffee shops and grocery stores. In fact, one Girl Scout is making headlines for thinking outside the cookie box by selling in front of a San Francisco medical marijuana dispensary. According to CBS News, she sold 117 boxes in two hours. I’m not surprised – but I am impressed.

Seeing this kind of up-and-coming opportunity, and being first in line to profit from it, is a gift great entrepreneurs possess. It’s how I’ve made my travel agency succeed despite terrorists, crashing economies and natural disasters. My first insight came at the beginning of the recession when I asked myself this question: “What will people always do, no matter what?” My answers were: Get married and go on honeymoons. Read the rest of this entry »

Finding New Business In Unexpected Places

Almost everyone hates sales calls – right? I don’t. I used to make them myself. Yes, I used to be one of those people selling timeshares to Granny over the phone, and I was so successful at it, the company asked me to help write their sales scripts and train their call staff. That experience not only taught me how to make a sale under the worst possible conditions, but also taught me this very important fact: Telemarketers are people too. And I never throw a person away. Read the rest of this entry »