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5 Limiting Myths – #5: The Death of the Travel Agent

This week we have been reviewing limiting myths – stories that limit our professional potential if we buy into them even in the smallest way. How you inwardly see yourself and the profession of travel counseling has much to do with the attitude you project. For travel agents the problem is two-fold. The first aspect concerns societal perception of the travel profession in general. The second deals with one’s personal self-image. Being consciously aware of the influence of these two aspects of one’s personality and working to place self image in its appropriate context is a worthwhile exercise in becoming a better travel professional. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Limiting Myths – #4: The Pareto Principle

You have heard of the Pareto Principle, but you probably call it something else. 80% of all of your business comes from 20% of your marketing efforts. Roughly 20% of your time management is highly efficient and from that activity comes 80% of your productivity. 80% of the money made by travel agents is made by 20% of the travel agents. You probably know the Pareto Principle as the 80/20 Rule. It seems like everyone has encountered bully Pareto somewhere and is convinced of the immutable nature of its power. PictureWhat bothers me about the Pareto principle is the way that travel agents accept it as applying to them, and assume that their practice must therefore fit the Pareto principle’s boundaries which encompasses an enormous range of mediocrity.

In reality, however, the Pareto Principle does not apply to every situation, especially those engineered to work otherwise. The Pareto principle is not an immutable law of nature, it’s all about averages. Read the rest of this entry »

Limiting myths are stories imposing limitations on your ability to grow your travel practice. The tiny grain of truth in them gets exaggerated to the point travel consultants too often accept them as absolute truths. As a result, the travel consultant self-imposes limitations on the overall potential and enjoyment they can derive from their profession. The first two we looked at this week are bad, but this one is worse. If you buy into this one, you deprive yourself of one of the chief rewards of labor. Let’s banish it now.

In every profession there are people who operate at the highest levels, who squeeze every drop of potential from their work, and who earn terrific incomes while doing so. Travel consulting is no exception. I personally know several travel consultants making 6+ figure incomes. Granted, they are the in the minority, but that is actually the point. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Limiting Myths – #2: My Clients Are Different

As I explained yesterday, a limiting myth is a story a travel professional subscribes to in order to justify a timid approach to building a travel practice. Today’s limiting myth is one I hear often, in many different contexts. It almost always begins with the phrase “You don’t understand my customers. All they care about is cheap.” This introductory sentence is usually followed by an explanation of how this particular agent’s clients won’t pay a fee, or only cares about cost. Sometimes their clients won’t travel out of the country or their clients won’t buy insurance, or refuse to be loyal. The foundation of this limiting myth is that this particular travel agent’s clients are different from everyone else’s – some people may pay fees, or buy luxury, or purchase insurance, or call out of loyalty but not THEIR clients. Read the rest of this entry »

Limiting myths are the stories we tell ourselves to justify a timid approach to building our travel practices. Most limiting myths have a small truth somewhere in their origin that over time takes on a far greater importance than their reality suggests. By examining these myths, you can greatly diminish their influence in your travel practice. Here’s the first limiting myth we will tackle: “You cannot compete with the big online travel agencies.” The actual situation is, the online travel agencies (OTAs) cannot compete with you either! Let’s take a look and see why.

My father once told me “Never play the other man’s game.” Everyone builds around their inherent specialties and strengths. If you try to compete with the OTAs playing by their rules and imitating their tactics, Read the rest of this entry »