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What Travel Agencies Can Learn From Keen Footwear

I discovered the Keen Footwear company just as they emerged on the outdoor footwear scene. Needing a pair of sandals that I could wear in the water when kayaking, I liked Keen’s oversized toe protection. I put them on, walked out of the store, and did not take them off for three years. Living in Asheville at the time, the casual nature of the town matched the footwear and for three years I wore those shoes everyday, hiking, kayaking, running, going to dinner, everywhere. I wore them hard.

Then the laces broke.

I emailed Keen and jokingly complained that after only three years of constant wear, the elastic lace on my right shoe broke. I had repaired the lace by tying it together and was actually pretty content. I forgot about my laces. Until my new ones arrived in the mail.

Someone at Keen had placed two new laces into an envelope and mailed them to me.
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