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Brazil by Solar Tours

Brazil is on a roll, and its star city of Rio de Janeiro is the hub of all the action. Already the ninth largest economy in the world, Brazil may well reach the rank of 5th by the time the Olympics make their debut in 2016. Now is a good time to get to know Brazil because the 14.4 billion dollars scheduled to be spent preparing the country to host the Olympics is likely to forever change its face.

Did we mention that Brazil is also hosting the 2014 World Cup? The two sporting events have the nation bursting with pride, the tour operators and hoteliers working overtime and the city struggling to upgrade the nation’s tourism infrastructure. The International Olympic Committee chose Rio over Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo, and the Brazilians seem determined not to let the opportunity pass without giving it their best.
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Beijing by GTT Global Sales

Flying high from the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing continues to be a prime location to send clients for the ultimate Asian experience.  From the substantial culture to the magnificent architecture and entertainment, this Chinese wonderland offers a memorable visit for everyone.

The second most populated city in China, Beijing is a noteworthy blend between the delicate balance of nature and mankind.  Proud of their past, the Chinese maintain the city with utmost care, making sure to incorporate it into the social and economic boom that has come to define their wondrous society.

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