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PictureScott W. Boone is President of Outdoor Traveler Destinations – a diverse collection of authentic outdoor lodging experiences including unique hotels, resorts, lodges, camps, vacation rentals and more. Boone has 25-plus years of experience in hospitality and travel ranging from blue-chip companies to diverse entrepreneurial ventures and has held executive roles with a number of world-class hospitality-related organizations including Intercontinental Hotels, Cendant and Island Global Yachting prior to joining Outdoor Traveler Destinations.

TRO: What was the driving force behind creating Outdoor Traveler Destinations?

SB: Outdoor recreation travel is considered one of the fastest growing niches within the leisure travel market and it represents an over $300 billion industry encompassing 110 million outdoor enthusiasts.  It’s widely popular and no one hospitality company had specifically addressed this market in any significant way – until now. Read the rest of this entry »