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Help Your Clients Know Themselves

The single most important thing that you can do for your client relationships is to make your clients feel special. Most of the service suppliers that your clients come into contact with every day do nothing to make them seem special – it is business as usual. That is why the exceptional service provider gets noticed. Think of the way in which certain exclusive hotel chains have built stories around themselves by doing no more than communicating the name of its guest to all of its personnel and then making sure the bellmen, the maids, the service staff all address the client by name. Read the rest of this entry »

Thinking through the marketing mindset

There are lots of things to be done everyday. There are clients to call, there are deadlines for payment, there are meetings to attend. But it occasionally pays to take a step back from the day-to-day processes that are absolutely necessary and to just think about what we are doing. Are we as efficient as we could be? Are we delegating tasks to give us more time at what we both do and enjoy best? Are we investing adequate time in marketing and professional study? Are we growing our client list as well as maintaining it?

Some business people have a “marketing mindset” – a capacity to see application of nearly any event to growing their business. Every advertisement is a business lesson, every article read an inspiration that somehow relates to their business. Read the rest of this entry »