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What travel advisors can learn from car salespeople

Most of us have had the experience of purchasing an automobile from a car dealership. There are certainly many, many aspects of the experience that are good examples of bad examples for anyone seeking to learn something about sales. Too often, the “come-on” is too strong and the salesperson inauthentic. What is most obvious, typically, is that the salesperson on a car lot is all about the transaction, and your needs are secondary.


Car dealers know how to get you to relate to their product and to find your emotional connection to the vehicle. Let’s go for a test drive. Read the rest of this entry »

What Travel Advisors Can Learn from Yoga Studios

I am a yoga convert. Let me first tell you that my 65-year-old  body so strenuously objects to yoga that at times I resemble a trauma victim more than a practitioner. I know I am making progress by the simple fact that fewer people at each session ask me the question “Are you OK?” But your local yoga studio has something to teach travel professionals that perhaps we should examine.

Yoga stresses the value of practice to both body and soul. Yes, stretching is great exercise. By performing yoga on a regular basis, the dedicated student becomes more limber, less susceptible to muscle strains, and to the perils of everyday movements. By diligently practicing yoga, a student can gain strength and flexibility and can even lose weight.

But there is more. Read the rest of this entry »

What Travel Advisors Can Learn from Barbers

Hairdressers. Stylists.  Barbers. Beauticians. The profession goes by many names, but chances are pretty good that you have one in your circle of acquaintances. As I was once told by a wise woman, only crazy people cut their own hair.  Certainly, my own experience with stylists indicates some important qualities: Read the rest of this entry »

What Travel Agents Can Learn from Waiters

This week, we have been looking at other professions to see what can be learned from each. When you enjoy a retail experience, and even when you don’t, there is almost always something to be learned that you can apply to your travel practice. There are loads of lessons to be gained by watching a professional waiter. In many ways, the profession of being a server in a dining establishment is especially instructive. Not only do most of us have frequent exposure to waiters, but many of us have actually been servers.

Who does not enjoy a truly great waiter? It does not matter if the meal is in a breakfast diner or a fine restaurant, a great waiter improves the experience. Equally true, a bad waiter can ruin the best of food. Here’s what I see as the quality that makes a great waiter great: Read the rest of this entry »

What Travel Agents can learn from Insurance Sales

Every profession has something to learn from other disciplines. While the products from one industry to the next may vary, and while the need for one product may be vastly different from the need for another, every industry has developed strategies and tactics that are both portable and teachable to other professionals in differing lines of work. This week, let’s take a look at five other industries and see what we might learn from their marketing, sales and customer relations efforts.

Chances are you own insurance, and not just one policy, but insurance of multiple types. Your car, your home and your boat are insured. Your life may be insured. Hopefully, you have health insurance. Travel agents certainly recognize the need for travel insurance when their clients travel. Indeed, insurance is an almost omni-present but nearly invisible product in modern life. We seldom think about it – until we need it. Read the rest of this entry »