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San Juan by ASTA

Getting off the plane and exiting the terminal, you immerse yourself into an envelope of warmth in Carolina, Puerto Rico.  Hailing a cab, you settle into the backseat, taking in the tropical sights that surround you.  Darting through the streets and only moments later, the driver stops in front of your hotel.  As you exit, you are swept up in a wave of energy, the excitement flowing through the city with a pulse that is palpable.  Music blares from every direction and the smell of pork, rice and beans greets you with a wave of hunger. Welcome to San Juan.

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Puerto Rico by ASTA

Picture yourself in a five star hotel, looking out onto the crystal clear ocean, the roar of the town at your feet, when you suddenly hear a sound. Unsure of what it is, you listen closer to the high-pitched call. After a few moments, it dawns on you – it’s the country’s unofficial mascot, the coqui, officially welcoming you to island of Puerto Rico.

In a territory as modern as it is historical, Puerto Rico offers something for everyone. While the country may be on the smaller size – roughly 3500 square miles – don’t let that fool you. The country is rich with heritage and sights to be seen. It boasts the only rainforest in the United States National Forest Service, amazing history (San Juan, the capital, which is the oldest in the U.S.), remarkable culture, breathtaking beaches, and phenomenal nightlife.

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