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Sceptre Tours: 100% Travel Agent Commitment

When was the last time a tour operator handed you a client – not a lead, a client? Better yet, what if that client was not just a prospective client, but already booked? Sound a bit fantastic? That is the “Book 3 get 1 Free” program by Sceptre Tours, and it is only one of the many reasons that every travel agent should have a close working knowledge of this tour operator. If you have clients going to Ireland, Britain, Italy or taking a River Cruise, the first tour operator to think of is Sceptre Tours. Not only to they provide your clients with the product and service you would hope, their commitment to travel agents is without match in the industry.

Chris Accomando, President of Sceptre says; “I believe that we have truly dedicated ourselves to the Travel Agent community. In 2010 we will spend close to $1 million dollars in marketing, educating and supporting our agent partners. I would like to ask Travel agents one question: When was the last time a tour operator actually gave you a booking and a commission check, Read the rest of this entry »