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One of the criteria used by search engines to determine page rankings for your travel agency centers on the number of links inbound to the travel site from other quality sites. Sometimes called “back links”, inbound links to your site give the search engine spiders more avenues to your site and act as a key indicator of the importance of your site to others. A link from a site that is a high quality site in and of itself is more important that a link from a “low quality” site.

The single best way to create high quality links inbound to your site is by populating it with quality content about travel. If your site becomes the “go-to” resource for a given topic, for example “travel for the disabled”, then other sites discussing these matters more generally will link to yours Read the rest of this entry »

Once you have chosen a set of appropriate keywords for use in your site, it is time to consider the next two steps: creating a search engine friendly web design and integrating appropriate content with your keywords into your site. It is easy to let the tail wag the dog when it comes to keyword analysis, web design and content. Pages and pages of website content are written with the sole purpose of attracting the attention of the search engines and achieving a higher ranking. Writers force keywords into their content like ornaments Read the rest of this entry »

The first and best rule of search engine optimization for travel agencies is to have strong, original content on your site that is truly relevant and useful to your viewers. As we have discussed in our previous articles this week, smart travel agencies with web site strategies give first consideration to their human viewers and secondarily optimize the site for search engine visibility.

Begin with the central theme of your site. As we earlier indicated, niche topics can achieve a higher ranking more easily than broader, generalized topics. Within the context of your core theme, you want to write content that readers will find useful, that is updated or supplemented often. Integrate your keywords into the articles you write in a completely natural manner. Don’t force the keywords and make the text awkward and hard to read.


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There is no shortage of experts on the topic of SEO and keyword analysis. This brief introduction will attempt to place the topic in the context of travel marketing and will hopefully point you in the direction of other resources. The phrase “keyword analysis” refers to the study of how people search for information on a search engine for a given topic. Tomorrow we will discuss how to incorporate those keywords into your web site content in a manner that is effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Keyword analysis assumes that people are predictable when they utilize a search engine for research on a topic. There is plenty of good reason for this assumption, and it is the heart of keyword analysis. Staying with yesterday’s example of Hawaii honeymoons and weddings, let’s take a look at how we might conduct keyword analysis Read the rest of this entry »

Ensuring that your travel agency website is visible and relevant to the internet’s search engines is an important strategic objective. Because travel is such a large segment of the transactional traffic on the internet, however, many travel agents feel daunted by the prospect of having to compete with the thousands of other sites for search engine ranking. Yet, with a bit of planning and commitment, a travel agency web site can find itself high in the rankings of the major search engines. The resulting traffic and potential for new sales opportunities can certainly justify the effort and time necessary to accomplish search engine optimization. Read the rest of this entry »