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(Another in a series of articles suitable for your online Cruise Primer)

But first: For Agent Eyes Only ———————————

When cruise customers start pestering you with questions about shore excursions, point them to your personalized online version of the text below…the copy that starts in the “For All” section. (You may want to keep the information in this first paragraph to yourself.) For some time now third parties, such as, have been making huge inroads into the shore excursion market with consistently good product and reliable commission structure. They even pay a full 10% on purchases made via a direct affiliate link on your website. Once the proper code has been inserted in your homepage, you don’t have to lift a finger to earn your commissions. Total workload for the entire transaction: lugging that humongous commission check to the bank for deposit. Now that’s my kind of travel sales! Read the rest of this entry »