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Hurricane Insurance 101

Editor’s Note: As travel agents, we are all currently dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. As we enter into the most active period of the 2011 season, we asked our friends at Travel Insured to review the points surrounding insurance coverage. These policies apply only to Travel Insured.

As Hurricane Irene churned through the Caribbean region as a category three hurricane with sustained winds exceeding 110 miles per hour, the U.S. National Weather Service Hurricane Center projected that the storm would make landfall this week along the U.S. eastern seaboard. Irene could potentially touch several states as a major category three or stronger storm. Travelers and travel agents planning trips during hurricane season frequently ask questions about what coverage is included in insurance plans from Travel Insured International® to protect trips when a hurricane disrupts their travel plans. Read the rest of this entry »

Why travel insurance?

Most travelers, except perhaps a lucky few who remain independently wealthy despite the struggling economy, take some time to plan their next vacation destination before deciding to make a booking deposit. They do some web searching, some consulting with friends and relatives, some reading of travel advertising, and maybe even some travel guidebook study before frequently seeking advice from a travel professional. Like car buyers kicking the tires to compare deals, travelers like to comparison shop for their trips. Read the rest of this entry »