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Tactical principles for a weak economy

While we have lived with market uncertainty for several years at this juncture, there has been noticeable improvement for most regions of North America. As you consider your business strategies, appropriate decisions have to be implemented. Here are a few tactical principles that will keep business coming through the door through the balance of this year and into the next: Read the rest of this entry »

Tactics: Choosing Distribution Channels

You have at your disposal a variety of ways in which to reach out and touch your clients and potential clients.  Let’s drill down on this topic by looking at the concept of distribution channels. Consumers of your service will see your ads in print and on the web. They might hear of you through a referral or see you give a talk at the local chamber of commerce. They might read an article about you or even by you in the community newspaper. Each of these avenues where a client might encounter your services are rivulets off of a distribution channel, a conduit to consumers that you use for marketing your services as a travel consultant. Read the rest of this entry »

A 2012 Marketing Plan: The Tactical Array

The list of possible tactics a travel consultant might employ building their business can be long and, at times, overwhelming. For new agents, it is typically best to choose a few tactics and learn to do them well, rather than to attempt every possible tactic. A few efforts well accomplished will typically yield better results than an entire array of marketing efforts poorly executed. As we earlier discussed, stay focused, work within your plan in a series of campaigns, and you should turn good results for the majority of your efforts. From time to time you can add new tactics as you become more accomplished and efficient at implementing your marketing plan. Read the rest of this entry »

A 2012 Marketing Plan – Strategies and Tactics

Yesterday, we discussed Goals and Objectives. Now we begin to delve in the actual mechanics of a Marketing Plan.  Strategies answer “how” the  travel agency is going to accomplish its objectives. For example, exactly how will the company achieve 50 new clients between now and the end of the year? The strategy for achieving that objective might read something like this: “In order to achieve the acquisition of 50 new clients in 8 months, the company will increase the number of distribution channels through which it markets and increase its overall marketing investment.” Note that in the process of forming a strategy the company must take into consideration its resources. This is the point at which the company should evaluate its marketing budget, the personnel available to carry out strategy, and the intra-company support necessary to achieve objectives. Read the rest of this entry »

Your 2009 Marketing Plan: Understanding Your Objectives

TRO is devoting the next few weeks to assisting agents in developing a 2009 Marketing Plan. Follow along with us each day to gain the traction you need to make 2009 your best year ever.

Yesterday, we established a set of strategic objectives for 2009. Today, we want to develop a better understanding of our goals. Two of the objectives we established, gaining a net 15 total clients and growing net profit 20% work hand-in-hand. If I increase the number of clients I work with, certainly my profits should increase. Likewise, creating a niche market Read the rest of this entry »

Your 2009 Marketing Plan: The Essentials

TRO is devoting the next three weeks to assisting agents in developing a 2012 Marketing Plan. Follow along with us each day to gain the traction you need to make 2012 your best year ever.

No two marketing plans are identical. Your individual circumstances will largely dictate the final form your 2012Marketing Plan takes. However, there are a few essential elements that every plan will have. Further, a marketing plan is not a static Read the rest of this entry »