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Teamwork – A Community of Travel Agents

Not all teamwork happens in an office. Many travel agents work in environments that have been pared down to a small percentage of the original size. Even more agents work alone, out of a home office. There is often no one to turn to when advice is needed, for backup or in an emergency. However, the passion for travel that motivates travel agents is all the energy required to form quick and fast friendships across town or across country. Peer-to-peer relationships are important for the vitality and professionalism of travel agents, and there are many ways for a travel professional to seek out like-minded colleagues. Read the rest of this entry »

Teamwork requires respect. There are times, however, when a co-worker’s attitude makes teamwork difficult at best and often impossible. A problem staffer can disrupt an entire office setting. Coping with a difficult co-worker is a real skill and one that is essential for the well-being of an organization in general and yourself in particular. The fact of the matter is that few offices have 100% retention – every organization goes through several employees to find a good team player. It is the exceptional team players that travel agencies want to retain, and there is strong motivation to rotate the difficult staffers out of the office as efficiently as possible with minimum disruption to the whole. But while the difficult personality is on staff, how to cope? Read the rest of this entry »

Teamwork for Travel Agents – Hidden Talents

The chances are very good if you work with more than two office staffers your co-workers have hidden talents about which you know nothing. Mining your staff to discover unrecognized assets is one of the most interesting and potentially rewarding exercises any manager can undertake. Many staff members have secret strengths that, properly applied, can be extremely valuable to a company. Your best corporate agent might also be a terrific public speaker. Your cruise specialist might be a real social magnet, with dozens of community contacts. Your receptionist might be an exceptional writer. That new agent you just hired right out of college might know more about social media than most writers of marketing columns. Read the rest of this entry »