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As of April 16th, Jamaica will not require international travelers to demonstrate a negative Covid-19 test and will eliminate the indoor mask mandate which has been in effect.

Effective April 16, 2022, travel to the island will be made even easier as the pre-travel COVID-19 test will no longer be required. Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, said in a press release “We are optimistic that these simpler requirements will serve to increase the appeal of Jamaica as a premier destination and keep us moving along the road to a stronger recovery for both the tourism sector and the nation’s economy as a whole. Eliminating mask mandates and the need for travelers to present a negative COVID test result are important strides toward our continued gradual relaxation of travel protocols as the spread of COVID-19 keeps declining.”

The CDC ranks Jamaica as a destination with low COVID-19 risk.  Earlier this year, Jamaica eliminated quarantines for international arrivals and its Travel Authorization Form.

​Last week, the CEO of American Airlines, Doug Parker said that checking passengers for proof of vaccination wouldn’t be physically possible on domestic flights without causing enormous delays to the airline system.

It’s tempting to compare Mr. Parker’s statements to similar ones made by tobacco and asbestos CEOs, who insisted that health authorities should not regulate their products. What he probably should have said was,“Without some form of proof that a person is vaxxed, and streamlined airport procedures, it isn’t physically possible for domestic flights to check passengers for proof of vaccination.”

Many of the problems airlines and airports encounter involving COVID-19 could be prevented if passengers couldn’t enter either without verified vaccination credentials and a one-minute COVID antigen swab test, or a breath analyzer test at a TSA security portal. Read the rest of this entry »