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Travel Trade Shows and Communities

Along the many roles you take on as a travel professional comes your part in a larger community of other travel planners, suppliers and service providers. Playing an active role in your professional community affords the possibility for new growth. Unfortunately, many travel planners seldom attend a trade show or travel conference. No doubt, the time and expense involved in travel and accommodations are often considerable. Yet, trade shows provide travel agents with an excellent opportunity to meet suppliers, learn about new product and to hear first-hand industry thinkers and peers.  When I attend a trade show or conference  I inevitably return revitalized and filled with new ideas and insights.

It’s not hard to understand the value of mixing with others in your profession. Too often, we think only competitively about our peers. But some of the most rewarding experiences result from sharing ideas with others whose knowledge and experience may be no greater but merely different from your own. Our particular industry provides some excellent opportunities to congregate. Read the rest of this entry »