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Travel Weakly: To YTB or To Not YTB

Most of you will have by now read Travel Weekly’s assessment of May 25, 2009 entitled YTB: What’s true and what isn’t. The “National Newspaper of the Travel Industry” published this piece in advance of their upcoming 2009 Power List. Get ready YTB recruiters: my guess is that you are about to be handed another piece of marketing that will again be worth millions.  The unverified numbers reported by YTB’s home office to Travel Weekly’s team of crack accountants, auditors and fact checkers even now are being scrutinized for inclusion on the 2009 Power List. 

But the May 25th TW article is in need of a few points of clarification.  Read the rest of this entry »

Travel agents dead? Not even close!

85% of the people who cruise will do it.  90% of the people who take a packaged vacation will do it. The majority of people getting on a plane tomorrow will do it. Does this sound like numbers usually associated with a dying business? Hell no! Read the rest of this entry »