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The Tail Is Wagging the Dog

Twelve years ago, I wrote an article that caught the attention of more than a few readers. I thought it might serve another purpose today. Here goes:

The scene was Annapolis, Maryland, the home of the United States Naval Academy. Annapolis is one pretty town—especially on a bright, clear Saturday morning in late May. Weather-wise, my wife and I hit a home run as we sauntered in and out of the cute little shops along the main drag.

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Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” -Dalai Lama

In many ways, Thanksgiving is the greatest of holidays, a reminder of the debt of gratitude we owe to everyone and everything around us.  It is always tempting to magnify our losses and minimize the ordinary, daily miracle.  We long for big, outrageous fortunes and forget the small, mundane but truly astonishing gifts.  One day of the year, however,  is a reminder to contemplate the undeniably interdependent nature of our existence.  How amazingly special is it when a client takes the time and effort to say “Thanks”?  Being on the receiving or giving end of gratitude is a pretty special thing. Especially now.

Everything is connected. We don’t have to look far to find people and institutions deserving of our thanks. Every success we enjoy, every small achievement, is the result of an interplay of grace and circumstance.

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What Travel Advisors Can Learn from Barbers

Hairdressers. Stylists.  Barbers. Beauticians. The profession goes by many names, but chances are pretty good that you have one in your circle of acquaintances. As I was once told by a wise woman, only crazy people cut their own hair.  Certainly, my own experience with stylists indicates some important qualities: Read the rest of this entry »

Good bartenders are almost a breed apart.  Alternating between multiple clients, these professionals have developed a skill set useful to travel consultants.  The most accomplished bartenders deftly manage their many clients while effectively multitasking their way through the evening. Let’s look at the characteristics the most proficient resourcefully exhibit. Read the rest of this entry »

Guests Will Earn Up to $2,000 Concierge Credit on Luxury Villa Rental Bookings through the End of July

Rental Escapes, a full-service luxury villa company that provides customized villa experiences, has launched a limited-time offer providing travelers with the opportunity to attain a credit of up to $2,000 that can be used on experiences or services booked through the company’s concierge team. The promotion will be applied to any new bookings made throughout the month of July 2022 with a check-in date occurring before December 31, 2023.

Sauna“Through our personalized luxury concierge services, we open the door to a world of exclusive experiences where our guests can embrace their most desired vacation pursuits,” said Willie Fernandez, chief marketing officer of Rental Escapes. “We encourage our guests to work with their travel advisors to book their dream vacation and learn about the variety of experiences that await through our unmatched concierge team.”



Whether looking for ultimate relaxation or adrenaline-rushing adventures, travelers can embark on their next vacation and look forward to utilizing their concierge credit for experiences ranging from white water rafting in Papagayo, Costa Rica, or sailing through the sunset in Key West, Florida, to indulging in extravagant meals made by private chefs around the world or enjoying in-villa massages followed by private yoga instruction. Not only will Rental Escapes’ guests receive credit for luxurious adventures, but they will also enjoy the ease of planning through Rental Escapes’ trusted concierge team and the unrivaled support of the valued travel advisor community.

For more information on Rental Escapes, visit Stay up-to-date on the latest news by following Rental Escapes on Facebook, Instagram @RentalEscapes, Twitter @RentalEscapes and LinkedIn.

Three questions about your value

At the heart of every business is what many call a “customer value proposition.”  Simply put, what value do you offer the customer?  Can you answer, without hesitation, the question, “Why should I use your services?” At countless trade shows and presentations, I’ve witnessed too many agents stumble over this important question.  Your value proposition should be a matter of muscle memory, not a pop quiz.

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norwegian gem-aerial

At All Points Travel in Salt Lake City, Corina Johnson made an easy sale yesterday. A member of her Theater Lovers whom she books trips three or four times a year, saw a post about an interesting offering from Norwegian Cruise Line: “The Broadway Cruise” to Bermuda, launching in March 2023. Read the rest of this entry »

Getting and Giving

“When you begin to see the possibilities of music, you desire to do something really good for people, to help humanity free itself from its hangups.” ~ John Coltrane

There are many reasons to be grateful for having a career in travel planning, but I think the most important is the impact a travel professional has on the life of the client. Travel professionals assist clients to turn vacations, family travel and even business trips into the best possible experiences. By visiting the streets of new cities, meeting people from around the world, and exposure to different cultures, we are all made better people, citizens of a larger reality. As a travel professional, you have the opportunity to play an important part in people’s lives. Read the rest of this entry »

S.M.A.R.T. Goals


In 2009, the comedian Eddie Izzard set the almost unbelievable goal of running all the way around the circumference of England and Scotland, the equivalent of 43 marathons in 50 days,  for charity and again in 2016 for 27 days in honor of Nelson Mandela.

He had never run a marathon before that time. I think it may be possible to learn something from Mr. Izzard. Read the rest of this entry »

AMAWaterways Cruise Ship

The Travel Institute and AmaWaterways have launched a new, additional $50 bonus commission for all travel professionals who successfully graduate with their CTA, CTC, or CTIE in 2022 and subsequently book and deposit a new AmaWaterways river cruise within 90 days of their certification date.

“Certification from The Travel Institute has propelled many travel advisors’ forward giving certified advisors the knowledge, know-how, and confidence they need to best advise their clients. We want to recognize those advisors for making this investment in their careers and striving to be their best for our mutual guests by giving them something extra to recognize this achievement,” shared Diane Horan, CTC, director of Strategic Partner Networks with AmaWaterways.

Horan, a longtime advocate of agent education and The Travel Institute, said the new bonus commission applies to any new booking for travel in 2022 or 2023 and is combinable with some additional promotions that may also be available at the time of booking. For advisors who graduated earlier in 2022, the program is retroactive to January 1 allowing 90 days from announcement of the bonus program for early 2022 graduates to complete a new AmaWaterways river cruise client booking.

According to Guida Botelho, CTIE, director of training for The Travel Institute, the AmaWaterways bonus commission in effect decreases the cost of certification by approximately 10%. “We applaud AmaWaterways, the leader in luxury European river cruising, for their efforts to support, recognize and reward travel professionals who go above and beyond to achieve a higher level of professionalism, career success and satisfaction via certification. Together with our graduates, they are creating truly amazing travel experiences,” she said.

To receive their $50 USD, pre-paid digital Visacard,* graduates must first register for the commission and then email AmaWaterways providing their date of certification along with the passenger’s full name and booking number. The card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted and is redeemable for one year from date of issue; full details for the commission plan are available online at registration.  Learn more at The Travel Institute.

Rochelle Zemke and Stephanie Cavelli are two travel professionals who saw a need common to many, if not all, travel advisors and set out to meet it. The challenges they faced will sound familiar to anyone who has decided to build a web application on their own.

TRO: Rochelle and Stephanie, thanks for the opportunity to speak to you about My Fam Trip. I certainly want to get into the capabilities and functionality of your brainchild, but give me a little bit of background on the two of you. Read the rest of this entry »


SATA Azores Airlines has announced exclusive offers for agents for New York (JFK) to the Azores. The Azores is One of Europe’s Most Popular Island Destinations.


Earn 12% commission on this package through May 6!


4-Star Island Package for $899!*


Roundtrip non-stop airfare from JFK to PDL or TER (5 hour flight)
4 night 4-star hotel accommodations

*Price per person based on double occupancy and availability, tax is not included. Pricing may change without notice.


For more information on this offer:



Earn 6% Commission on Flights from New York JFK to the Azores

Flights from JFK to LIS, OPO, BCN, DUS, FNC, FRA or Cape Verde via the Azores also qualify.

Valid only for sales ticketed between April 1 and May 6, 2022
Valid only for JFK Gateway
Must be plated and booked on Azores Airlines operated flights
Commission must be taken at time of ticketing and reported through ARC
Agents must apply the commission manually


If you want an unforgettable trip, which you will never forget, the Azores are the place. The Azores islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean offer idyllic landscapes. Isolated until the 20th century, the archipelago with the different cultures and nationalities of its settlers, the Azores Islands have a rich cultural diversity, which makes each island a new world waiting to be explored. In the Azores you will find landscapes of unparalleled beauty, monuments carved in stone from volcanoes, museums that will take you back in time, animals unique in all the world, a cuisine stuffed of intense flavors and people who will welcome you with arms wide open. All the necessary ingredients for a perfect trip.


About SATA:

Formerly known as SATA International, Azores Airlines (S4) is a subsidiary of SATA Air Açores that is based in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Azores, Portugal. Founded in 1990, the airline operates from a hub at João Paulo II Airport (PDL). Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS) is a focus city.  SATA connects over 80 destinations in the North Atlantic, with flights between continents, archipelagos, and islands.

Sunset on the famous Oia city, Greece

In honor of National Travel Advisor Day, Wednesday, May 4, 2022, and National Travel Advisor Month, independent travel specialist Avanti Destinations is offering a $25 gift card for each FIT land booking of $5,000 or more made between May 1 and May 31, 2022 for travel any time before December 31, 2022 and paid with at least a deposit on land arrangements by the end of the May. Bookings may be made either online at or by calling Avanti’s reservation center.

“Our travel advisor partners are the cornerstone of Avanti’s success,” said Paul Barry, Avanti’s chairman. “We want them to know how much we appreciate their hard work.” This offer applies to each booking over the minimum qualifying value. There is no limit to the number of gift cards a travel advisor can earn.

The Portland, Oregon-based wholesale tour operator creates and sells custom-built independent and group travel 365 days a year in Europe, Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, and Central and South America exclusively through travel advisors.

For more details on the National Travel Advisor Day offer, log onto the travel advisor portal or call 1-800-422-5053 to speak with an expert travel specialist.

Since 1981, Avanti Destinations has been selling independent travel products and custom-crafted vacations in Europe, Central and South America, Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. The Portland, Oregon-based wholesale tour operator offers a wide range of FIT components to travel advisors only, including air, rail, rental cars, hotels, sightseeing/attractions, transfers and hard-to-find experiential travel options.  Avanti specializes in hand-picked, locally-owned hotels in both large and small cities and in connecting all the pieces of complex, multi-destination itineraries. The company also creates complete packages for custom groups of 15-100 passengers. For more information:

Consumer advocates often lodge the complaint that advertising is coercive and monopolistic, dictating public perceptions and buying habits. According to this theory, the public buys what they are told to buy, the product most advertised, rather than the product that is the best for their needs. Certainly, companies with the resources to put into advertising have a distinct advantage. Regardless of the actual merits of the argument, the perception it creates makes it more difficult to form a relationship with clients based on trust. Read the rest of this entry »

briefcase at airport

A newly released report from the American Hotel & Lodging Association and Kalibri Labs highlights the devastation the Covid-19 pandemic continues to visit on the hospitality industry.

The study predicts hotel business travel revenue will remain 23% down from 2019 in 2022 as the business travel market slowly recovers. Hotels nationwide. Large metropolitan markets such as Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, San Jose, and Washington D.C. will see a drop of 50% or more from 2019 levels.

The report indicates a full recovery will not happen until 2024.

Face mask

Despite protests from airlines and travel industry associations, the CDC has extended the transportation mask mandate for an additional 15 days, citing the ongoing risk of infection from recent surges of Covid-19 in the United States.

“CDC continues to monitor the spread of the Omicron variant, especially the BA.2 subvariant that now makes up more than 85% of U.S. cases,” said CDC spokesperson Kristen Nordlund. “Since early April, there have been increases in the 7-day moving average of cases in the U.S.  In order to assess the potential impact the rise of cases has on severe disease, including hospitalizations and deaths, and health care system capacity, the CDC Order will remain in place at this time. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has decided to extend the security directive and emergency amendment for 15 days, through May 3, 2022.”

The mask mandate was scheduled to end next week after April 18th. The CDC has repeatedly extended the requirement to wear masks over the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the current 15-day extension is the shortest yet mandate extension.



Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Co. has added additional service to its flight schedule beginning in early June, including more options for California travel; new service for Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, and the Caribbean also announced.

“For a gamut of travelers seeking a business opportunity, faraway fun, or family time, these new routes and additional flights put the hospitality and value of Southwest Airlines in front of more of our customers,” said Andrew Watterson, Executive Vice President, and Chief Commercial Officer. “We recently extended our flight schedule to early November, and we’re making available new service sooner for planning early summertime journeys.”

Additional access between the Pacific Northwest and Silicon Valley grows with new Southwest service between San Jose, Calif. and Eugene, Ore., once-daily beginning June 5, and with additional flights on some existing routes.

Recently commemorating three years of serving the Hawaiian Islands, Southwest is increasing the number of flights within the Aloha State to offer interisland service at more times of day to connect people in the islands with business, family, and fun. New, once-daily service nonstop between Kahului (Maui) and Lihue (Kauai) begins June 5, with additional flights, offered on existing inter-island routes.

The carrier’s authorized travel between the U.S. and Cuba is available to more Southwest customers with a tripling of service from South Florida beginning May 4, roundtrip three times daily on the carrier’s Fort Lauderdale—Havana route. That same week, an additional roundtrip on Saturdays begins May 7 on the Tampa, Fla.—Havana route, to complement daily roundtrip service.


evening in las vegas

Visitors to Las Vegas in 2021 were younger and spent more than in previous years, and devoted more of their time to gambling according to the Las Vegas Visitor Profile study 2021.

A study conducted by GLS Research for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority indicates some positive trends in an uncertain time for Vegas. The amount visitors spent on gambling jumped to 39% despite monetary difficulties among the general public caused by the pandemic.

At the same time, the amount of time tourists spent on gambling per day has shot up as well. An estimated 21% said they spent an average of 5 to 6 hours, while one quarter (26%) said they gambled an average of three to four hours. Both figures are higher compared to numbers recorded from 2016 to 2019.

However, only 75% of 3,917 visitors said they gambled,  down from 2019’s 81%. The downtrend is likely due to the travel restrictions imposed due to COVID-19, which hampered international travelers, particularly from Asia, where the biggest gamblers are, from traveling to Las Vegas. Per the data, only 3% are from other countries, while 97% of visitors came from the U.S.

Expenditures on other recreational and leisure activities also increased compared to pre-pandemic figures. For food and drink, for example, the average amount people spent was $462.37 compared to 2019 at $410.74. Money spent on shopping and local transport also climbed to $284.55 and $159.73, respectively. 

While all basic expenditures have seen an increase, a notable exception was money spent on shows and entertainment which hit its lowest figure since 2016, with an average of $32.55.

But apart from the positive trends, the report also revealed a few downward surprises, including satisfaction ratings.  70% of respondents said they were “very satisfied”, down from the 96% recorded in 2019. On the other hand, nearly half (48%) said that their experience in Las Vegas met their expectations.

In terms of demographic figures, the study revealed changing trends as well.

  • More than one-half or 54% of visitors are 40 years old and older, with an average visitor age of 43.2. An estimated 21% of the visitors are ages 21 to 29;
  • The number of visitors identifying as caucasian visiting Las Vegas dropped to 56% from 2019’s 77%. The number of African-American and Black visitors rose to 17% from the 9% recorded in 2019, followed by Hispanic/Latino visitors with 19%, up from 11%.
  • One out of four visitors (26%) came from Southern California followed by Arizona with 11%


In our last article, we discussed how many consumers perceive advertising as manipulative and less than authentic. Another common complaint is that advertising imposes itself on the individual in an unwanted manner – it interrupts the flow of information or entertainment to gain mindshare. Thus, a commercial appears at the climax of the television show, or the banner ad covers up what you are trying to read. Indeed, much of the advertising to which we are exposed each day is unsolicited and unwanted. Read the rest of this entry »

In a statement sent to travel agents on Monday,  Celebrity Cruises canceled the 2022-2023 Asia season of the Celebrity Solstice with a total of 19 cruises affected.

“We have made the difficult decision to cancel our Asia season due to the ongoing uncertainty around when international operations might fully restart in this region,” the cruise line said in the statement. “We thank our guests for their patience and understanding as the world continues to reopen and we continue to work through unique circumstances.”

Celebrity is offering passengers booked on the cruises the option of applying their current booking to select Asia sailings in the 2023-2024 season or a full refund.

Celebrity is redeploying the Solstice to the Mexican Riviera,  replacing the seven-night sailings of the Celebrity Millennium. The Celebrity Millennium will be redeployed to the Caribbean.

When I stroll down the raised walkway to my tented bedroom in a safari camp, I almost bump into an elephant.

She’s as surprised as I am, and we both take a step backward. Then I quietly walk onto the wooden deck and pull up a chair as she continues eating. Soon more elephants jauntily stroll along to join her until 11 are standing in the mud 100 meters away, drawn by freshwater bubbling out of the ground at Deteema Springs, a five-star tented lodge in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Read the rest of this entry »