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5 marketing challenges solved by Tripology

Tripology, a service of Rand McNally, is a lead generation service connecting high-intent travelers with travel professionals who specialize in the destinations and types of travel sought by travelers.

Travel specialists often ask why they should consider working with Tripology to meet new clients. The answers can vary based on the travel professional’s goal for the program. However, here are five very common marketing challenges Tripology can help agents solve: Read the rest of this entry »

johnpetersJohn T. Peters joined Tripology as President and CEO in 2008. Since then, John guided the team at Tripology in hitting critical growth milestones. In early 2010, Tripology processed its 175,000 trip request and has assembled a network of nearly 15,000 Travel Specialists. In March 2010, John sold to Rand McNally. Prior to Tripology, John was Vice President of Business Development & Travel Trade where he led the successful launch of Endless Vacation Rentals® by Wyndham Worldwide.

John is a frequent speaker at trade shows and international meetings including World Travel Market, EyeforTravel, Vacation Home Expo, The New York Times Travel Show, International Cruise-a-thon and others.

TRO: Since joining Tripology, you have been instrumental in meeting multiple milestones within the company. Why do you believe Tripology works so well at meeting the travel industry’s needs?

JP: Tripology is the leading online travel referral service that matches consumers with travel specialists, known as Tripologists, based on their specific vacation request.  The service provides the best of both worlds for travelers and travel professionals.  For travelers, Tripology combines a content-rich online experience with access to travel professionals for the personal attention and service they seek.   For travel specialists, Tripology is a cost-effective way to get qualified travel leads.  It enables agents to harness the immense reach of the Web, then work one-on-one with prospective clients to cultivate a customer for life.

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By now, you’ve probably seen emails and press releases about the Tripology Travel Industry Supporter Program. The program reimburses Tripology users for the cost of a lead when the travel specialist makes a booking  using a product offered by a participating Travel Industry Supporter. Tripology’s Travel Industry Supplier Program is a win-win for both the company’s travel specialists, known as Tripologists, and for travel industry providers. For travel specialists, the new program offers the opportunity to garner free lead credits for bookings made with participating industry supporters.  Industry supporters gain exposure to new clients via Tripology’s 13,000 registered travel specialists, marketing opportunities towards the agent community, dedicated relationship manager, and more. Read the rest of this entry »