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Introducing TRO SMITH

Four years ago I wrote my first set of 365 Guide articles on social media.  Much has changed since then, but  fundamental marketing basics still prevail. As baffling and time consuming as social media marketing can seem, real results can follow. Almost every travel planner who engages in some form of social media marketing can now boast of at least one acquisition of significant business resulting from a Facebook post, a tweet or a well placed comment on an online forum. Many tour operators, cruise lines, hotel chains and airlines have honed “SMM” to a fine art.

Indeed, the travel industry seems particularly well positioned to exploit the potential resident in social media.  If at the heart of online marketing is conversation, there are few activities people more like to discuss than travel. Everyone loves a travel story, especially their own, and given the opportunity will happily add to their collection. Travel is deeply ingrained in the human psyche and we owe our very existence to our ancestor’s willingness to seek out a horizon. Combine our wanderlust with a sense of narrative, and travel’s place in social marketing is pretty much assured. Read the rest of this entry »