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US Issuing gender-neutral passports

US Passport on the world map

The White House announced new provisions in support of transgender and LGBTQI+ rights. Americans will be able to choose an “X” in the gender portion of their passport applications – a move towards a gender-neutral and inclusive passport.

The “X” choice is also going to be allowed on U.S. Social Security cards. These measures aim to provide leeway and choice for intersex, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming individuals who do not identify with either male or female gender designations.

The change coincides with U.S. president Biden’s proclamation that the administration honors “transgender people fighting for freedom, equality, dignity, and respect.” To know more about the White House’s plans on advancing visibility and equality for transgender Americans, visit this fact sheet.

The option of selecting X as the gender marker begins on April 11 for U.S. citizens, according to Anthony Blinken, U.S. Secretary of State. It followed the State Department’s plans on passport applications in June regarding gender selection without medical documentation submission.

Facing challenges from the system to discrimination and violence, transgender Americans also deserve the liberties to be themselves, according to the Biden administration. Measures such as the X marker along with easier travel, provision of resources to transgender individuals, and access to federal services are some of the plans and offerings of the federal government to transgender Americans.