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On Tuesday, October 4th, The US State Department updated 98 travel advisories for travel outside of the United States. There were many reasons that these were updated including possible terrorist activity, political unrest, and even one for continued cases of COVID-19.

It is worth noting that these advisories are subject to change at any time, and research into destinations gives a higher chance to circumvent any complications mentioned in the advisories.

Some of these changes include:

Level 4, Do Not Travel

  • Ukraine, for continued violence in skirmishes against Russian troops
  • Russia, for possible retaliation against US citizens
  • Belarus, for build up of Russian troops along border and nearby Ukraine conflict
  • Central African Republic, Mali, and Burkina Faso

Leve 3, Reconsider Travel

  • Cayman Islands, for COVID-19 related restrictions
  • 5 more countries in Africa, and 3 in Central and South America

Level 2, Exercise Increased Caution

  • United Kingdom, for possible acts of terrorism
  • Spain, for possible acts of terrorism and civil unrest
  • France, for possible acts of terrorism and civil unrest
  • Italy, for possible acts of terrorism
  • Turkey, for possible acts of terrorism and arbitrary detentions

This also comes with the news that the State Department will no longer be including CDC COVID-19 information in travel advisories.

For the full list of travel advisories, please visit the US State Department.