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Akshay Shah is the Vice President of Marketing for Sky Bird Travel and Tours, a leading consolidator in the travel industry and recipient of numerous awards including: Prestigious Peacock Award from the Government of India-Tourism Office and the Peak of Excellence Award from the Sabre Travel Network.  Mr. Shah is an expert on airline consolidation and the travel industry.  He is also the President at United States Air Consolidation Association (USACA).

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Experienced travel agents have long used consolidators for obtaining the best possible pricing on international airline fares for their clients. However, many travel planners have little experience with consolidators and don’t know where to begin to establish the proper supplier relationships. The United States Air Consolidator Association, better known as USACA, is making it easier for travel consultants to work with its membership. USACA is an association of twelve distinguished consolidators who have joined together to provide travel agents with a better understanding of the consolidator market and the advantages to working with consolidator fares. USACA serves as the national trade association for airline ticket consolidators committed to integrity, trust and reliability. A travel agent may freely and confidently look to USACA members for consolidated airline tickets.The end result? Better international fares for clients and more profit for the travel agent. Sound like a good deal? Read on. Read the rest of this entry »


From a modest beginning in Toronto, Canada, in 1968, Hariworld has become one of North America’s most influential and respected consolidators. In 1982, Prem Cohly opened Hariworld Travel’s first office in the heart of New York City’s Rockefeller Center. Kamini Cohly, his wife and Hariworld’s current President, joined the company in 1987. The two now operate Hariworld from their New York City offices.

TRO: Tell us a bit about the history of Hariworld.

Kamini: Prem joined the family business in 1976 with his father. Using the business acumen that he gained through his post graduate studies from Delhi University, Prem greatly expanded the company’s client base and increased revenue for the company. He enabled us to open our first United States office in Rockefeller Center.

Hariworld’s initial mission was to address the needs of a growing population looking for a more affordable way to travel. We were eager to accept the challenge when Hariworld became one of the agencies selected by the airlines to be a prototype of a relatively new concept called consolidation. Today we have five offices in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco and New Delhi and we generate over $120 million in annual ticket sales. The company’s ongoing commitment in developing the latest technology is a big part of our mission to assure future growth.

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