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Destinations — all good things must come to an end

Sadly, today will be my last post for Travel Agent Diaries. This past year writing for TRO has been a truly rewarding, and eye opening experience. Rewarding in that I’ve gotten to share my personal experiences and war stories with all of you, and eye opening in that I now see the many areas of improvement I need to focus on moving forward in 2015.

2014 will go down in my book as one of the most difficult years I’ve experienced in a while. Through personal struggles in helping my sisters to care for my Dad, to finding time to help our travel agency grow and thrive. I am so thankful for the wonderful ladies I work with, and their amazing work ethic to keep everything running smoothly while I was gone so much. They went above and beyond all year long. Read the rest of this entry »

Remember when the worst thing that could happen was summer’s end, and then it was time to go back to school?   No more long days at the swimming pool, weekends at the lake, or summer camp?  Oh, those were the days, weren’t they!

Fast-forward 40 years; summer is over and I am wondering where the heck it went.  I don’t feel like I’ve had any time off, mostly because I’ve used up my vacation for the year taking care of my 80 year-old father.

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I recently spent a week down in Mexico with a really fun group of agents. Some were old, some new, but most were really hungry for knowledge, and excited about networking with other professionals. It was such a refreshing change from the “old guard” (of which I am one) who are so set in their ways, they would never conceive of learning something from a newbie.

To which I say, “really?” Read the rest of this entry »

Destinations – schedule? What schedule?

One of the nifty things about writing for Travel Agent Diaries is that we are tasked with documenting what is happening on the home front, so to speak.  The past few weeks have been a challenge, and

I find my personal and professional life merging into the same lane, with traffic rapidly approaching.

The week before last, my 80 year old father called me at the office, and told me he had to have a minor heart procedure.  He needed me to drive him to the hospital and wait to take him home.  I made plans to be out of the office with him on surgery day, and just be gone for a single day.     Read the rest of this entry »

Destinations – yay for spring!

What’s up fellow travel agent peeps?   April is here, and along with it, those lovely April showers–well at least here in Arkansas.  You know that old saying, “April showers bring May flowers.”  You know what else those showers bring? They bring out the 4 Bs — burn out, blues, bad attitudes, and broken resolutions.  You’ve made it through the majority of the super busy winter booking season, all those January and February bridal shows, and survived the freezing cold winter and snow.  No wonder you are tired, and need a break. Read the rest of this entry »