The pitch sounds irresistable - for only a few hundred dollars you can “travel like a travel agent!” The problem?

It’s not true.

Unscrupulous companies are selling the “right” to be called a “travel agent” promising a work at home business opportunity.

Called “card mills” by the legitimate travel industry, these companies entice consumers with misleading information about discounted travel. Card mills induce their members to defraud travel suppliers like hotels, tour companies and cruise lines by claiming to be travel agents.

However, the travel industry is fighting back as are the attorney generals of an increasing number of states, consumer protection agencies, cruise lines and tour companies.

Use this site to evaluate for yourself the claims made by such companies.

Use the links above to review information to evaluate whether a travel business opportunity you are considering is a legitimate company. Also, be sure to download this publication by the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) entitled “Travel Industry Card Mills: What Consumers and Consumer Protection Agencies Should Know About Travel Industry Card Mills”