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Galavant Travel — Stepping out of my comfort zone

Business this year has been great. I have many repeat clients and referrals through my host agency, which keeps me very busy. Group business is fantastic. I’ve set monthly sales goals that I’ve met and exceeded, which I’m very pleased with. All this has enabled me to continue as a full-time, one-job travel consultant. I’ve built a solid foundation for my business. I could very easily continue on this same path, and do very well. It’s like slipping on a pair of comfortable shoes.

However, I feel it’s time to step outside my comfort zone. I want to focus on an area of my business that suffers, which is building and growing my own personal client base. I don’t want to overwhelm myself and take on too much, so I need to keep it simple. I joined, to receive better commissions, and help with my marketing. So far I’m pleased with what they have to offer me, and feel it is a good fit. I also joined a different Chamber of Commerce that aligns better with my business goals. Their networking events are fabulous. The one minute presentation gives me a chance to introduce myself, and to practice for the longer 10-minute presentation which is coming up at the end of July. I’ve been in business long enough to know that I need to speak publicly to get known in my area, but I am extremely shy. I took a public speaking course in college, and learned how to pace myself, and to be prepared with what I wanted to say. I’m going to be practicing my presentation with a local marketing guru, who also hosts a local radio show focused on small businesses. I have a session scheduled with a hypnotist who is a member of the Chamber to help with my fear of public speaking. She comes highly recommended. I’d like to get to the point where I’m able to be interviewed on that radio show. Time will tell where it takes me…but I’ve never been one to rest on my laurels.

Patti Maxwell is the Owner of Galavant Travel in Deerfield New Hampshire. After a 28 year long career as a medical transcriptionist, Maxwell received her Travel & Tourism Certificate from a local Community College,  and started Galavant Travel in 2007. Galavant is a home based agency affiliated with Avoya Travel. You can contact Patti by email, on her website, on twitter, facebook, or her blog.

  3 thoughts on “Galavant Travel — Stepping out of my comfort zone

  1. Patti,

    Join Toastmasters. Seriously. It will do wonders for your public speaking skills as well as your confidence when speaking in front of an audience. I cannot say enough great things about them!!

  2. Susan: Thanks so much for a great suggestion! I had heard of Toastmasters, but never really checked into it. I’m going to look into joining.


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