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Planning a 2015 Perspective

To change ourselves effectively, we first must change our perceptions.” ~ Stephen R. Covey

The end of a year inherently is a time of transition, a good time to assay our perspective.  Each of us has spent another year in our business and personal lives moving forward, back, laterally and standing still in turn. Hopefully we have progressed a bit on whatever journey  we earlier set ourselves and feel as though our time has been well invested. Inevitably, however, we have our regrets, things we would now do differently, take more chances or perhaps fewer depending on circumstance. 

Correct Not IncorrectHowever we gauge success, the best of us tend to be our most harsh critic.  If your inner judge is not happy right now, let’s take a small bit of time to give him his due and then to ask him to be quiet. Let’s put our mistakes in perspective.

Mistakes, errors and mishaps are often the best of tutors. It is an unfortunate truth we learn best by mistake. It is part of our evolutionary make-up: mistakes act as genetic mutations reshaping us into something closer to our real potential. So in the name of redeeming our past, we can look at mistakes as a dress rehearsal for better times. It is, after all, a mis-take – the very word suggests the possibility of a “do-over.”

Life is filled with do-overs. Seldom are we locked into a course of action we cannot alter. Almost never do we travel, either literally or figuratively, in a straight line.  The absolute best way to give mistakes their due is to spend some time incorporating them into our business plan for the year to come.

Not happy with the number of clients you acquired last year? Was your networking a bit slip-shod? Did you not earn as much compensation as you had hoped? Truly these are not failures, but opportunities. Study the situation, accept responsibility, determine how to do better and then, importantly, resolve to act. In so doing you salvage and redeem the past and enhance the outlook for the future.

The end of the year is the beginning of the next. Sit your 2014 mistakes down, have a conversation and thank them for the lessons. Then, let them know it’s time to part ways, you won’t be available for 2015.

This is the last Publisher’s Corner of the year as well. TRO takes the last two weeks of the year to pause and examine the year behind us and to plan the year ahead. It’s a good time not just to remember our mistakes, but to befriend them. It’s also a great time to remember all of the people who contributed to our efforts. Writers, editors, suppliers who supported us and especially those of your who have read our columns, encouraged us and have been a part of our mission.

Have a great holiday and we look forward to traveling with you next year.

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