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Honeymoons Designed – Catching up and getting organized!

I have to admit this year has been very busy up until this month. I find myself behind in tasks that involve marketing, learning, and the dreaded office organization. However, as we all know, they are vital to our success even though our clients aren’t always directly affected by them.

What do you have on your to-do list during the slow times? How do you prioritize your tasks to “catch up” or even start a new project? These days I am finding myself taking a breather first and foremost. Enjoying the start of summer, reassessing my accomplishments from January to June, and seeing if I want to adjust any goals and tasks for the rest of the year. On the top of my list is marketing. Social media, blog posts, newsletters, engaging my current clients, and drawing in potential new ones. This I am hoping will help to fill the gap for later this year and into 2016. Second on my list is education. Now that things have slowed down, it’s time to figure out what conferences I am able to attend in the fall, which ones will benefit me and my business most, and select FAM trips as well. I like to add in at least one new destination a year, something that’s more out of the ordinary and a stretch for my current clients, not totally out of reach, and one that will bring in a different segment. That is a yearly goal for me.

Coming from an accounting background, education as well as experience is very much cemented in my mind. To thrive in this business we need to do more than just a weekly webinar and an online course. We also need practical experience. Really get to know the destination, or subject, well and be able to add value for our clients. Social media education fits into this as well. With so many different ways to reach customers today, we need to hone in on the best way to reach our ideal customers. Since my focus is the romance market many of my current and past clients are couples, most of which are engaged. They then move into married couples celebrating anniversaries, and families celebrating milestones. How do I reach them in their busy lives? What will interest them and keep them coming back to me? I find that it’s always changing.

We all have limited time in our lives, for both personal and business commitments. Making the most of our time in each area helps us to feel more fulfilled and accomplished. Balance is key, just as it is in how we spend our time in our business and what we choose to work on from day to day. Being organized, consistent, and committed has helped me stay focused. This is where the To-Do List and the Today List that I spoke about last month come in to play. Since then I’ve definitely been working on my To-Do List a bit more. What are the big items I want to accomplish over the next year or two? However, before I dive into those, I have been focused on my Today List items, catching up and getting organized.

What’s on your To-Do List vs. your Today List? How do you ensure that you set aside enough time for each item daily, weekly, and monthly?

Stephanie Cannon is the owner of Honeymoons Designed, a home-based agency located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has been a professional travel consultant since 2006 and specializes in Romance Travel. Her focus is on customizing unique, authentic and unforgettable experiences. Most of her client base consists of couples celebrating a honeymoon, destination wedding, anniversary, or vow renewal. She is a recent Certified Tahiti Specialist and currently enrolled in the CTA program.

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