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As I reflect back on my year writing for this column I can’t help but look at where I was when I volunteered to do it and where I am now. I have kept true to saying “no,” and I have even gotten better to saying it to the client that does not fit our business model. It is neither in their best interest nor mine. That may have sounded harsh and crazy to even me at the beginning of this journey but now it is more clear than ever. When I decided at the beginning of this year to only book on property at Disney, I had a few doubts; but I kept my goals high and we have broken them. We hit $1 million in sales two weeks ago and that was our annual goal. I have never been more sure of keeping true to my ideal client, telling our story as the only way I will advertise, and taking care of my clients first and foremost. Read the rest of this entry »

Ears Of Experience — The frog principle

A couple years ago, I read a book by Brian Tracy called Eat that Frog, which helped me so much that our company grew 161% over last year. Time management is very important to us now as we struggle with how to fit it all in. There is an old saying, “If you eat a live frog first thing in the morning, nothing worse can happen all day”. The premise is if you look at your list of things to do that day and complete the biggest frog (or thing) first. This will give you momentum and energy to get through the rest of your day. If you let it sit there and weigh heavy on you, it will drain you as you worry about it. Read the rest of this entry »

As I have watched highly successful people in other industries, one thing is always consistent, they read. This is one thing I had neglected as I grew “Ears”. But I am back to reading; and two books that have changed my business are Creating Magic by Lee Cockerell and Referral of A Lifetime by Tim Templeton.
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I know I have spoken about keeping things personal in prior columns; but I truly believe that is the one thing responsible for increasing our business. If I speak to someone who brushes me off because they are on their way to a tennis match or soccer game, I write it down so I can ask them about the game the next time we speak or when I shoot them an email.  If they mention their child is sick, I flag it in my Outlook to email them a couple days later–just a quick note “to see if you child is feeling better.” Not only does this give you that personal connection to them for their vacations but you will be top of mind for them to refer business. Read the rest of this entry »

I have taken a big leap since I last wrote and headed into a much bigger game when it comes to technology. I pride our business in being very personal, but with that, comes details that are sometimes lost in the mix. As I have mentioned before, this scares me and has been an issue in the past. Read the rest of this entry »

As I move into the second quarter of the year after a record breaking first quarter, I have determined that this quarter, I want to focus on my “cheerleaders”—the clients who referred business to us. We have come up with a drip campaign and will be sending a small gift to these clients monthly for a few months. One month may be for the parents; and something special for the kids the next month. While we always thank our clients, we are now taking it to another level. These are our best customers and are referring their friends to us for no other reason than they felt we did a great job. We are big believers in not marketing unless we can tell our story. Well in essence, our clients are telling our story for us—so what a great place to put my marketing money. The first gift will be a small box of fine local chocolates with our logo on the top, and the next will be a Disney-esque gift for the kids. Read the rest of this entry »

As so many of us have heard, niche, niche, niche. We have heard it at trade conferences for years. I worked at a cruise only agency from 1999-2007 and was under the assumption that that was a niche. I didn’t know niche until I started Ears of Experience! I really worried about it in so many ways. How do you build a strong business from one product? One product that offers lower commission than most; and one product that appears to offer very few discounts or promotions. I was terrified that I would be relegated to selling hotels on International Drive. But I kept hearing, “cast a smaller net and you will catch so many more fish.” So I jumped and never looked back. Read the rest of this entry »

I started my travel career in an unlikely way. After years of teaching special education, I was a stay at home mom. One day, my girlfriend suggested that I attend a training class with her to become a home based travel agent. I knew nothing about travel except I liked it; and figured, “what the heck.” I was spending too much money as a stay at home mom shopping and was looking for a little adventure. So I went. Read the rest of this entry »