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Many of us in the travel business rely on lead programs to boost our business. Agents need to establish a process that works for them and search for a company that best meets their requirements. Tripology is the company I have been using consistently and with great results. Many of the agents who work with A Ticket 2 Travel, my host agency in San Jose California and a member, are using this lead service successfully as well. My sales from Tripology leads are over $120,000 for 2009 already, and I close approximately one sale out of every ten leads I invest in.

Sometimes getting discouraged and taking rejection personally can be two of the side effects of any lead program. Just remember, it is not you but the nature of the beast. People today are used to shopping the mega online travel sites without ever having to establish a personal relationship. Our job is to educate and demonstrate that we provide personal services they won’t find anywhere else. Read the rest of this entry »