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What’s It All About? Avanti Heads Into Tenerife

Avanti Destinations named Tenerife as a new destination on its roster of places where it provides components for independent vacation packages. It’s the first new destination Avanti has added for a while. Adding destinations was not a big trend during the Covid lockdown, or even now while the industry is re-tooling and getting back on its feet. Avanti’s last introduction of a major destination was Abu Dhabi in June 2022.

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Avanti Go365: Re-Thinking Seasonality

The summer of 2021 tied with 1936 as the hottest summer in the 148 years records have been kept. This summer of 2022 hasn’t been quite as hot overall. It’s only the third hottest in history, but it’s had the hottest nights in US history, and multiple heat records set across the country. Climate is only one of ways the world is changing at a head-spinning rate. And it’s only one of the reasons to re-examine the conventional ways of looking at seasonality in travel.

Right now, as people are finally breaking free of the restraints of COVID, overcrowding at tourism sites has re-emerged as an issue to consider when making travel plans. This is a good time to consider traveling outside the historic summer vacation period.

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With the Philippines opening its borders to international tourists since February of 2022, the tropical paradise is looking to spread the word. Now, the wholesale tour operator Avanti Destinations and the Philippine Department of Tourism have collaborated in the creation of an e-brochure for travel advisors.

The new brochure includes eight destinations within the Philippines, along with two customizable Avanti vacations, six private sightseeing tours, and 15 four-star hotels and resorts.

The e-brochure, The Philippines: Pearl of the Orient Sea, is available here.

Paul Barry, CEO of Avanti Destinations, had this say, “If your clients are looking for a tropical paradise with friendly local people, it’s hard to top the Philippines.”

He continued, “There are so many eco-adventures to be had: snorkeling, scuba diving, world-class surfing, volcano-trekking, parasailing, wildlife-spotting, swimming with the world’s largest fish – the list goes on and on. We have several unique private tours and experiences, like a visit to the indigenous Aetas people or a foodie tour of Manila’s Chinatown, that can be added to any custom itinerary. We are pleased to be partnering with the Department of Tourism on this campaign to show travel advisors the many possibilities.”

The webinar for more details on the collaboration will be held on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 1 pm EST—click here to register for the webinar.