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Today’s installment brings the year to a close!  But all of the great content ideas we’ve provided the week are just the beginning. Now it’s your turn to write the articles.  When you do, keep SEO in mind, because with unique content, you have the ultimate control of the keywords and search phrases included in the article. Set up an editorial calendar you can live with and then devote a few hours each week to writing your article.  Use Google to assist with the research and pound out your original content.  You and your travel practice will be well served.

Remember to include some type of call to action with every article!  Request readers to sign up for your newsletter or to download a white paper.  Ask them to pass along the article to others or to Like it on Facebook.  If you look at the article you are now reading, you will see several banner ads, requests for comments and widgets for social media.  By the way, if you like what we have done for you this week, be sure to Like the article below. (See, I just did it again!). Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Thursday and we are covering 10 more ideas for you to use as the basis for original content articles on your blog, website and newsletters.  However, don’t stop there!  You should use social media to further distribute your original content.  Tweet your articles, post them and share the content between your other in-house media.  Make the best and highest use of any content you generate to maximize the return from your hard-earned investment of time.

Be sure to also create an easily accessed and searchable archive of your content.  Once you have written an article, it is a shame to have it utilized for only a week.  Make good use of tags and other indexing features of your website or blog to ensure your content’s shelf life will be extended indefinitely. Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t be afraid to take any of the concepts in our list of 52 original content ideas and mix it up a bit.  Variety in your writing creates interest and holds the attention of your clients.  For example, you could insert the word “NOT” into the title of any of the “How To” articles and create a completely different frame of reference for your writing voice.

Likewise, not all of your original content ideas need to be in writing.  Many of the ideas in our list would work well as videos!  Pick up your iPhone, open a YouTube account, get to know Screenr  and become the star of your own travel tips channel.  Everyone will have a comfort zone for their method of  content delivery. Find your comfort zone and then step just a bit outside of it! Read the rest of this entry »

This week, TRO’s 365 Guide is providing 52 article ideas for you to develop into original content for your newsletters, websites and blogs. Intimidated by the prospect of writing?  Enlist  a local copywriter to assist the effort. If you have a college in your home town, there is an English department filled with students eager to try their hand at travel writing. If you want a few short articles about writing as a travel agent, check out these articles.  Read the rest of this entry »

A Year of Content Ideas: Weeks 1 – 10

Original content plays an important role in your travel agency’s marketing.  Certainly search engines love original content, but so do your human clients!  Educational and entertaining information is the very heart of great marketing campaigns. The client comes away from your newsletter, blog or site feeling not only better informed but with the important identification of your brand as the source of their new found knowledge.

Generating a constant stream of fresh content  is challenging.  Even if you publish no more than weekly, your schedule will require you to find 52 new ideas to present to your readers.  Need some assist? This week, TRO is going to give your content marketing a boost by providing you with ideas for an entire year of articles for your websites, blogs and newsletters.  Read the rest of this entry »